Creative Writing at WVU: Wild, Wonderful Writing

Creative Writing Faculty

Creative Writing Faculty and MFA Students
Mark Brazaitis
Glenn Taylor
James Harms
Mary Ann Samyn
Ellesa Clay High
Kevin Oderman
Christa Parravani
Ethel Morgan Smith
Additional Faculty
Katie Fallon

Recent Achievements

James Harms has published two new books of poems, Comet Scar and What to Borrow, What to Steal. Read more about his latest work.

Mark Brazaitis’s book of short stories The Incurables won the Richard Sullivan Prize from the University of Notre Dame Press. Read more about his award.

Mary Ann Samyn is a recent winner of WVU’s Benedum Distinguished Scholar Award. Read more about Mary Ann’s Benedum Award And she won the prestigious Field Poetry Prize.

Glen Taylor was a faculty member at the recent Chautauqua Writers’ Festival. Read more about the Chautauqua Writers’ Festival.

Ethel Morgan Smith’s work has appeared recently in Shaping Memories: Reflections of African American Women Writers. Read more about her work.

Kevin Oderman is fast approaching the record for most times mentioned as “notable” in Best American Essays (if he doesn’t have it already). Read more about his work.

Ellesa Clay High continues to be a dynamic member of the Native American Studies Faculty at WVU. Read more about her work.

Read Their Work

Mark Brazaitis The Boy Behind the Tree
Glenn Taylor Excerpt from The Marrowbone Marble Company
James Harms On Beauty and West Virginia at the Blue Moose Cafe
Kevin Oderman A House Fitting
Mary Ann Samyn Poems from Beauty Breaks In
Ethel Morgan Smith Mother
Katie Fallon Hill of the Sacred Eagles