Creative Writing at WVU: Wild, Wonderful Writing

Thesis Information

Dear Graduating MFA student.

First, congratulations! You’re about to complete your graduate degree with what is undoubtedly a strong, compelling, and dynamic thesis.

But now you’re wondering—what about thesis deadlines? What about filing the thesis? What about my thesis intro?

1. Thesis deadlines can be found here. If you haven’t scheduled a thesis defense yet, do so soon. Check with your thesis chair about the best time and work with Amanda Tustin to secure a location.

2. Information about filing your thesis electronically can be found on WVU’s thesis webpage. If you have questions about the above, please contact Molly Dolan at

3. Thesis introductions (or prefaces) are usually relatively short (5 to 10 pages). They usually include your insights into the themes and concerns of your thesis as well as your literary influences. You might also mention how your time at WVU contributed to the work you did. But check with your thesis chair about the direction your intro/preface should go. There is room for creativity.